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ResNexus has the Solution for Your BusinessChoose the Reservation System That’s Right for You

  • Lodging Software

    Lodging Software

    No matter what flavor of hospitality; hotels, bed and breakfasts, lodges and motels, ResNexus has the power to accommodate all your needs, all at a great price.

  • Hotel Software

    Hotel Software

    Whether it’s providing guests with an amazing experience or managing your staff, your hotel has a lot to accomplish 24 hours a day. ResNexus helps run all your operations smoothly.

  • Bed and Breakfast Software

    Bed and Breakfast Software

    We know you take pride in giving your guests a uniquely memorable experience. Partner with ResNexus and we promise to make your guests experience even better.

Newly Available!

  • Vacation Rental Software

    Vacation Rental Software

    Capture more reservations by allowing guests to book directly from your website in real-time. With ResNexus, you will dramatically reduce the number of e-mails required to make a reservation.

  • RV Park Software

    RV Park Software

    Fill your RV park by upgrading from a request form to real-time reservations from your website. Imagine a full RV park simply by letting your customers view your availability and book online, all without calling or e-mailing.

  • Guest Ranch Software

    Guest Ranch Software

    From accommodations to activities, you provide a unique and memorable venue. Ensure that your guests are where they should be, at the right time by upgrading to ResNexus.

Coming Soon!

  • Rental Software

    Rental Software

    Whether you help others find the toys they desire or a service provider getting customers what they need, big or small, ResNexus can put more power into your business.

Upgrade to ResNexus. Starting at $14.99 a month!