Credit Card Processing

Processing credit card payments in ResNexus is easy and seamless.

Process Credit Card Payments

Processing a credit card payment quickly and easily is important, especially with regards to guest convenience. When a guest is arriving or departing, it's embarrassing and frustrating for all parties when their card can't be charged quickly and efficiently.

Use your CURRENT credit card processor to continue processing credit cards when you make the switch to ResNexus. We use a payment gateway to communicate with your credit card processor, so payments can be processed and funded to your business bank account.

Do you have to process credit cards through ResNexus? Not at all. You can process cards through your current terminal / method, and record the transaction in ResNexus.

Benefits to processing credit cards though ResNexus:

  • Process payments in the blink of an eye.
  • Enjoy a lower rate by using a card reader.

Credit Card Processors

A credit card processor allows you to process credit cards and deposit the payments into your business bank account.

Businesses upgrading to ResNexus enjoy KEEPING THEIR EXISTING credit card processor.

If you're unhappy with your current credit card processor, let us know and we'll make a recommendation based on your industry.

What to look for when evaluating a credit card processor:

  • Are their rates competitive? A little better rate normally means enough to cover a utility bill or the cost of ResNexus.
  • Watch for hidden or extra fees. If you're not PCI compliant, you may be paying one of these "extra" fees.
  • How's their customer service? Do they answer when you call, and reply to your emails?

Supported Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a service that allows software like ResNexus to communicate with your credit card processor.

Complete Merchant Solutions (CMS) is a credit card processor and payment gateway all-in-one. What's the advantage of using a payment gateway? It's free of charge when signing up, and there are no additional payment gateway expenses. They perform the setup, you complete one setting in ResNexus and you are up and running. They also offer a free card reader when switching. Click here to learn how to configure CMS within ResNexus. is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. charge a setup fee, monthly fee, per transaction fee and a batch fee. If you switch to we'll help with the transition. If you're already using, you're good to go. Click here to learn how to configure within ResNexus.

Credit Card Readers

Using a credit card reader is a key component to processing credit cards quickly.

ResNexus supports the use of card readers. You simply plug the reader into your device and let ResNexus know you are using a card reader. The card reader needs to be in "keyboard emulation mode".

ResNexus works with most brands of card readers.

  • You receive a lower rate when using a card reader because the card is present.
  • Card readers are relatively inexpensive

Credit Card Security is Important

Extra security is required when storing credit cards. ResNexus is PCI compliant via audit. Certified auditors constantly audit ResNexus to ensure we meet the highest industry standards.

Additional security precautions have been made to ResNexus. For example, all guest credit cards are deleted 45 days after guests depart from your property. This keeps the number of credit cards on file extremely low. You can also lock down access to the ResNexus back office to specific Internet addresses (IP addresses) and dev ices. You are notified whenever someone tries to log in from another Internet address.

Strategies For Collecting Deposits

It's a solid business practice to collect a deposit for services rendered in the future. First, it ensures the card on file is legitimate and has funds available. Secondly it communicates to the guest that their reservation is confirmed and they are committed to show up.

When online reservations are booked through ResNexus' online booking engine for your property, request for a card on file is made and, per your preference, a deposit can be collected to complete the reservation.

When handling a phone reservation through ResNexus' back office for your property, you can elect to configure and use the "Auto Collect" button to process the pre-configured deposit. This makes taking a deposit a breeze.

What type of deposits can you auto collect within ResNexus?

  • Collect a percentage (%) of the total amount.
  • Collect a dollar ($) amount.
  • For the lodging industry, you can collect the first night's stay.
  • You can choose to collect tax and retail items upfront.
  • Gift certificates are always collected in full.

Specials & Packages

Whatever specials or combination packages you can imagine, chances are ResNexus can help you put it together. Specials and packages entice your guests to stay longer and experience more. Attractive specials and packages will help advance your business to the next level.

Bundle area attractions with exclusive activities and discounted pricing. Work with local restaurants to offer dining packages in exchange for recommending your business in return.

Retail & Gift Shop

ResNexus, retail and gift shop items are showcased with style and flexibility. Advertising freedom is at your fingertips. Reservation by reservation, your revenue will increase as guests purchase additional items.

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Upselling Made Easy

When taking phone reservations, highly trained staff members upsell additional services that will enhance your guests stay. Why can't the booking engine do the same?

ResNexus does! Whether it's souvenirs, in room enhancements, spa treatments or special packages, let ResNexus up-sell items for your business.

Reservation Policies

Informing guests of your policies is simple with ResNexus. You can easily highlight key policies on your policy page that emphasize the core rules your guests should follow. Your guests must agree to your policies before they can complete their online reservation, which protects you and your guests.

Guest & Payment Info

Rest easy knowing ResNexus is PCI compliant and adheres to the highest level of security measures required by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Ensuring your guest’s information is stored securely and safely.

Instant Confirmation Emails

The beauty of ResNexus... Your booking engine instantly delivers automated email confirmations in real-time. You'll both know the moment your guest’s reservation is completed.

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Even More from ResNexus for Your Business

Upgrade to ResNexus and experience a more powerful business. Customize ResNexus to your unique needs and enjoy unmatched success.

Yield Management

Automatically adjust your rates to charge more when your occupancy is high and less when your occupancy is lower.

Sliding Rates

Encourage guests to stay longer by offering a lower nightly rate for each additional night they add to their reservation.

Specials & Packages

Make it easy and convenient for your guests to enhance their getaway by offering specials and packages unique to your inn and your area.

Group Reservations

ResNexus supports group reservations, from weddings and conferences, to any gathering. Reservations can be paid collectively or individually.

Credit Card Processing

Use your current credit card processor to charge credit cards through ResNexus. It's lightning fast. ResNexus supports card readers.

Automated email Marketing

Market your business to past guests via newsletters and promotions. Offer incentives to fill space during slower times of the year. Write newsletters to keep your Inn top-of-mind.

Social Media Integration

Recommendations from friends are a big deal and asking valued clients to follow you socially is important. ResNexus takes the hassle out of social media.

Customizable to Your Brand

It's easy to customize ResNexus. Whether it's branding and matching your website, or selecting your mode of operation, ResNexus easily adapts to your business.

Google Analytics

ResNexus has built-in support for Google Analytics. See who is booking and what websites they used to find you. See how long they stay on your website and booking engine.

TripAdvisor's TripConnect

Seamlessly share your availability and rates with TripAdvisor via ResNexus.

Marketing Channels

Promote your business on travel and business websites like Expedia,, Travelocity, etc. Promote to thousands of travel agents worldwide.

QuickBooks Export

Export revenue and payment information from ResNexus to QuickBooks.® This makes doing your books a breeze. It saves time and reduces errors.