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Property Management Software by ResNexus

Property Management SoftwareSurprisingly easy-to-use and extremely powerful

Superior Operations

Operational efficiency determines how well you stack up against the competition. The more superior and smooth running your operations are, the more distance you put between your business and the rest of the pack.

ResNexus was designed from day one to, speed up operations, reduce costs and eliminate mistakes.

Operational software

Flexible & Customizable

Shouldn't the back office software you use match your brand? Branding internally unifies your business and the members of your team.

Also unique to ResNexus, is the ability to customize the backoffice. When logging into your back office you won't realize you've left your website, we'll help you make it look and feel like your brand.

Customizing ResNexus

Yield Management

Adjusting rates based on availability and how far out the reservation is booked, captures more revenue automatically. Yield management, if configured correctly, is a very powerful tool.

With ResNexus, spikes in reservations caused by unexpected local events are automatically handled utilizing yield management. Set up fair and effective rules and simply enjoy more revenue.

Yield Management Settings

All-In One Solution

The ResNexus all-in-one solution makes business more effective. Training your staff on one system reduces training time, minimizes confusion and results in less operational errors.

At ResNexus we offer an all-in-one solution, so each part of your business communicates and operates smoothly. ResNexus is a living system where new enhancements become available throughout the year.

Simplify your operations

Interactive Reports

Tracking and analyzing information helps provide clear and effective direction for your business. Having detailed reports, helps you clearly see what’s working and what’s not working.

ResNexus contains dozens of reports to assist you in evaluating operations and clarifying where, and how adjustments should be made.

Rooms on ResNexus booking engine

Operate Anywhere

We have become a very mobile society, sporting powerful computers in our pockets with access to the Internet where ever we go. We want the ability to continually stay connected to our businesses.

ResNexus has always been cloud-based, and can be run on any Internet enabled device, anywhere in the world.

Rooms on ResNexus booking engine

Secure & Stable

In this day and age security is something every business should take seriously. Rely on ResNexus for stability and speed. An unstable and slow product can cost thousands in payroll and lost opportunity costs. A major source of frustration is poor functionality and performance, no one likes waiting and staring at their computer screen.

At ResNexus we are always evaluating ourselves on the security, stability and speed of our product. A secure, stable and fast product is our promise to you.

Rooms on ResNexus booking engine

Easy to Train

Turnover is part of running any business. Implementing a system that’s simple to use will dramatically reduces training costs and operational mistakes.

ResNexus is intuitive and easy to teach to any team member.

Rooms on ResNexus booking engine

Superior Support & Assistance

Getting support should never feel impossible, especially when your business is on the line. Customer service should be highly trained and speak fluently.

When you call ResNexus your assigned Red Carpet Professional is there to help. They know you and your business and are highly trained. ResNexus does not outsource overseas.

Rooms on ResNexus booking engine


Having multiple properties under management can be complicated to oversee.

ResNexus supports managing multiple properties. Quickly switch between properties to manage operations and reservations.

Rooms on ResNexus booking engine

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