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ResNexus seamlessly shares our customers rates and availability with TripAdvisor


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Share Your Availability with TripAdvisor® when using ResNexus

As you manage your paid bed and breakfast or hotel listing on TripAdvisor, configure ResNexus to share your rates and availability with TripAdvisor also known as TripConnect.

When you sign up for TripConnect, guests can see your rates and availability and click on a link that takes them to your ResNexus booking engine so guests book directly from your website.

TripAdvisor's TripConnect requires a business listing which is based on the size of your inn and the strength of your market. It's an internal formula, please contact TripConnect for details. You'll also set up a TripConnect pay-per-click campaign, each time a TripAdvisor customer clicks on your online booking link they'll collect a fee.

Even More from ResNexus for your Inn

Upgrade to ResNexus and experience a more powerful business. Customize ResNexus to your unique needs and experience unmatched success.

Yield Management

Automatically adjust your rates to charge more when your occupancy is high and less when your occupancy is lower.

Sliding Rates

Encourage guests to stay longer by offering a lower nightly rate for each additional night they add to their reservation.

Specials & Packages

Make it easy and convenient for your guests to enhance their getaway by offering specials and packages unique to your inn and your area.

Group Reservations

ResNexus supports group reservations, from weddings and conferences to any group. Reservations can be paid collectively or individually.

Credit Card Processing

Use your current credit card processor to charge credit cards through ResNexus. It's lightning fast. ResNexus supports card readers.

Automated Email Marketing

Market your business via newsletters and promotions to past guests. Offer incentives to fill space during slower times of the year. Write newsletters to keep your Inn top-of-mind.

Social Media Integration

Recommendations from friends are a big deal. Asking valued clients to follow you socially is important. ResNexus takes the hassle out of guests rating and following you on social media.

Customizable to your brand

It's easy to customize ResNexus to your business. Whether it's branding and matching your website or selecting your mode of operation, ResNexus easily adapts to your business.

Google Analytics

ResNexus has built-in support for Google Analytics. See who is booking and what websites they used to find you. See how long they stay on your website and booking engine.

TripAdvisor's TripConnect

Seamlessly share your availability and rates with TripAdvisor via ResNexus.

Marketing Channels

Promote your business on travel and business websites like Expedia,, Travelocity, etc. Promote to thousands of travel agents worldwide.

QuickBooks Export

Export revenue and payment information from ResNexus to QuickBooks ®. This makes doing your books a breeze. It saves time and reduces errors.

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