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Top 3 Differences Between ResNexus and BNBWebsites

Save Thousands of Dollars

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Save Thousands of Dollars with ResNexus Websites

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Unlike any other professional website company, ResNexus doesn’t charge thousands to create your website. We simply charge $25 a month once your website is live. How can ResNexus do it? Our website technology and unmatched support team reduce the time and effort needed to build a website. The result, pay less for a superior website.

No Long Term Contract

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We stand behind our product so there is no long term contract.

Free SSL Certificate

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All ResNexus Websites come with a free SSL Certificate which helps secure your website and make it more search engine friendly.

BnBWebsites are More Expensive

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BnBwebsites charges between $2,800 to $4500 to initially build your website. Maintenance/SEO fees range from $35-$130 per month.

BnBWebsites Locks You Into A Contract

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BnBWebsites initially locks you into a one year contract and tries to get you to renew from time to time.

BNBWebsites Charges For SSL Certificates

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For $10 per month, you can have an SSL certificate on your website from BNBWebsites.


How valuable is your time and energy?

The staff, software, and services ResNexus has provided is more than we ever expected. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff . . . a pleasure with which to work. Highly recommend the company and their services!!

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ResNexus Introduces Seamless Websites

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Your ResNexus Website talks directly to your ResNexus Back Office. ResNexus automatically updates the rates, room pictures, and much more on your website—with no effort on your part. It happens automatically and seamlessly, even if you do yield management.

Easy-to-Use Search Engine Optimization

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With ResNexus Websites, we make sure your SEO is great from day one. It’s easy to set the SEO guidelines for each page of your website and adding new pages and content is super simple. Before your website goes live, a ResNexus SEO Guru triple checks the SEO for your website. If down the road you need SEO polish, simply call in. In addition, ResNexus offers advanced SEO services such as PPC, content creation, etc. at a reasonable hourly rate, not an ongoing fee.

Refresh Your Brand Within Minutes

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ResNexus Websites makes it easy to refresh your brand by updating to a new design, quickly and efficiently. You are not alone so call in for help as needed! ResNexus also offers professional branding and marketing services at affordable rates!

ResNexus Websites is Easy-to-Use

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ResNexus Websites has the most powerful set of web page components. From sliders and videos, to calendars and availability grids, you simply drag-and-drop a component on the page. In addition, ResNexus Websites is the first builder to have page types for the lodging industry. That means creating a gift shop page, or other page can be done in minutes, not hours. You don’t have to be a webmaster or know HTML to make changes and add new pages to your website.

BNBWebsites Offers Standard Websites

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BnBWebsites is not a software company and does not produce the web builder they use for their websites nor develop the reservation software they promote. This means they rely on other companies for advancements and innovations.

Standard SEO

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BNBWebsites does input basic SEO for you, but because it is a manual process, it takes a long time and is difficult to update. Advanced SEO is a monthly fee.

Costly and Slower Redesign

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Like most website design companies, BnBWebsites charges you to update your website every couple of years. It’s a timely and expensive process.

Not So Easy-To-Use

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The site builder BNBWebsites uses relies heavily on knowing HTML and having a solid understanding of website and SEO fundamentals.


Red Carpet Service—We’re here for you.

Red Carpet Service

Our highly trained staff is ready to answer your call–quickly. We also support chat and respond to Facebook. ResNexus has some of the highest customer service satisfaction in the Bed & Breakfast industry. To see for yourself, check us out on Google, Capterra and Software Advice.

ResNexus Strong

As an innovation leader with close to 50 employees, ResNexus can produce more professional websites than any of its competitors.

Built to Last

ResNexus has been in the hospitality industry for over 13 years and we’ve never been stronger. We take pride in our ability to innovate and serve thousands of our customers.


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