ResNexus is PCI Compliant

With the amount of transactions running through ResNexus, we are required to be PCI Compliant via an accredited audit.

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI is short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The full acronym is PCI DSS.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information, maintain a secure environment. Essentially, any business that processes credit cards should adhere to these security standards in order to protect cardholder data and fight against credit card theft.

This means ResNexus, and all of our clients that process credit cards, should adhere to these security requirements.

Internal vs. External Audits

All reservation systems, especially those like ResNexus that store credit cards for their clients, are required to be PCI compliant by an external audit. In other words, a security company reviews their internal and external security extensively each year to make sure they are following all security protocols. Each year there are new security protocols established for greater protection.

Most small businesses are fine to do an internal PCI audit because they only store credit cards for their own business. Reservation systems, however, are different. Regardless of size, or whether or not they save credit card information, every company does store sensitive data about clients. Reservation system services who only perform internal PCI audits don't understand PCI compliance and won’t be a secure choice for any business.

ResNexus is PCI compliant through an external audit and is audited at the end of each year. Throughout the year ResNexus is constantly observing PCI security protocols, including constant scanning and security testing.

What’s the benefit of being PCI Compliant?

Some reservation systems are not PCI compliant and that puts your business and your clients at risk.

PCI Compliance means your systems are better protected from identity theft and hackers. It builds customer confidence in your business reputation.

Born in the cloud

ResNexus was in the cloud before most knew what a cloud was.

What is a Cloud?

Cloud computing utilizes a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to manage data, rather than storing data on a personal computer. Most cloud-based solutions are web-based so there is nothing to install.

Reservation programs running from a single computer require software installation and daily backups. Imagine what would happen if that computer crashes and you no longer know who is arriving!

Cloud computing utilizes a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to manage data, rather than storing data on a personal computer. Clouds don’t “crash” and they don’t lose reservations. Plus, since most cloud-based solutions are web-based, there is nothing to install.

Why is ResNexus Cloud-based?

Using a cloud-based reservation system means your data is stored on a remote system and automatically backed up.

Clouds are designed with redundancies, security and performance in mind.

ResNexus has a long history of being in the cloud and we understand how to do it well. Our cloud is designed with redundancy, security and speed in mind.

Not all Clouds are Equal

Unlike public clouds that host thousands of businesses, we only host ResNexus in our private cloud.

Public Clouds versus Private Clouds

There are two types of cloud computing: private and public.

A private cloud, such as ResNexus, provides hosted services to only their clients, with no shared resources. This increases speed and security.

A public cloud, like the Amazon Cloud, the RackSpace Cloud, Microsoft's Azule, etc. provides services for millions of businesses, all on the same resources. Because you have thousands of businesses on one resource, an individual business can cause a problem for the entire group.

Upgrade to the ResNexus Cloud

Being on the ResNexus cloud means there are no performance issues during special events or holidays.
Enjoy being on a cloud designed exclusively for reservation software.

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