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One-way GDS

In the old days, hotels and inns would set aside a portion of their rooms to be booked by the various GDS systems. Internally at Reservation Nexus we like to refer to one-way GDS as "nail biting" GDS. You sit back and hope GDS fills all those rooms that you have surrendered and you are helpless to help fill them from phone reservations, online bookings and other marketing efforts like newsletters, promotions and specials.

One-Way GDS

Two-way GDS

Two-way GDS is much better than one-way GDS because both you and the various GDS systems try to fill your rooms.

Two-Way GDS

Benefits to Two-Way GDS:

  • Both you and GDS fill your rooms
  • You can put all or most of your rooms onto GDS

True Seamless GDS TM - A Reservation Nexus Innovation

Managing your rates, minimum nights, room descriptions and room pictures on GDS can be a hassle and very time consuming if you have to make these changes manually. Reservation Nexus is the first guest management system to introduce True Seamless GDS TM where with the click of a button, everything is done for you.

True Seamless GDS

With the click of one button everything within Reservation Nexus is communicated to GDS for you with no extra effort on your part:

  • Rooms
  • Availability
  • Room Rates
  • Minimum Nights
  • Room Descriptions
  • Inn and Room Pictures

As you make changes to rates, minimum night rules and room information within Reservation Nexus, your GDS information is updated with no additional effort on your side. Even though at this time there are some behind-the-scene automation limitations by either the CRS or various GDS systems, your Red Carpet Professional is notified when you make any changes and they will ensure that those changes are completed on GDS for you. You don't have to call, e-mail or make those changes on your own! Any changes made in Reservation Nexus will be taken care of in GDS.

Benefits to True Seamless GDS TM:

  • Both you and GDS fill your rooms
  • You can put all or most of your rooms onto GDS
  • GDS made easy. Room rates, minimum nights and room information are seamlessly updated to GDS from within your property management system.
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