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True Hospitality Software, not Hospital-like - A Reservation Nexus Innovation

What is the difference between true hospitality software and software that is hospital-like?

True Hospitality Software is:

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Created by a software architect, focus is on usability and design
  • Amazing looking product

Hospital-like Software is:

  • Huge learning curve, slow to process
  • Developed by computer programmers, doesn't necessarily have to be people-friendly
  • Unattractive looking product

It's interesting how many hotel software vendors provide products that look and feel like hospital software. The problem with software that acts and feels like it could be used in a hospital by highly trained staff is innkeepers experience a huge learning curve and a continual slow processes that they don't have time for. It's important to create software for innkeepers, not techies. True user-friendly hospitality software empower innkeepers to run their inn with ease and doing so in less time.

Why is hospital-like software so predominate? It's because very few programmers take usability classes in college and evolve into professional software architects. Most companies don't even hire a proper software architect but simply hire a computer programmer or chief technology officer and ask them if they can build a system or take over a pre-existing system. There is a huge difference between computer programmers, CTOs, IT experts versus software architects. Software architects not only provide function but focus on usability along the way. They ask, "How should this be done?" not "What's the easiest way to program this?" Most of the time what is best and easiest for programmers is user-unfriendly for everyone else. It's important to design for innkeepers and their guests, not for tech-savvy programmers.

Take the below sample for example. What you are seeing is the reservations grid that Reservation Nexus innkeepers see each time they log into their reservation software. At a glance, you can see who has booked with you online or by phone with easily identifiable buttons. There is a clear Legend on the right hand side to assist in understanding the different colors and buttons.

Reservations Grid

Did you know that you can also click each one of those buttons and open up the individual reservation? Or you can just move your mouse over the green and blue booked buttons to see quick reservation details pop up. The drop down boxes at the top of the grid displaying number of guests and room classes also update the calendar grid to only display the appropriate rooms. That equals less confusion and mistakes for you or your employees when taking a phone reservation.

Some innkeepers or general managers have tried to create reservation software companies thinking that since they come from the industry they can do better. In the end they make the same mistake and hire a software programmer, not a software architect, to lead the team and create their product. Very few programmers have real usability experience. Experienced software architects are hard to come by because they are in high demand.

Starting in 2005, Reservation Nexus has always provided an amazing looking and user-friendly product. Reservation Nexus has from the start employed an experienced software architect, not a head programmer. You can tell in the seamlessness of Reservation Nexus and that it has become the bed and breakfast innovation leader. When guests peak around and get a look of Reservation Nexus most start asking questions out of excitement. Hundreds of innkeepers have come over from other systems and they immediately point out how much more intuitive and easier-to-learn Reservation Nexus is compared to what they used before. That is not surprising to us because from the start our architect has been all about creating the easiest-to-use reservation system available, not just proclaiming the product easy-to-use for marketing purposes.

The good news for the bed and breakfast and hotel industry is that for years now most of the immediate competition to Reservation Nexus has been watching and they've made numerous changes to their online booking engines and guest management systems to try to compete with Reservation Nexus. Leaders lead and followers copy.