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Real-Time Reservations from Your Website

Reduce Back-and-Forth Emails by Upgrading to Direct Online Bookings

Reservation Calendar

At-a-Glance Full Reservation Details

The ResNexus reservation calendar displays full reservation details at-a-glance for up to 31 days.

You can see the reservation total, who has checked in, who has checked out, who has paid, whether it is their birthday or anniversary and even if it's a surprise reservation!

What's unique about ResNexus?
Each ResNexus user can determine how much detail to display in the reservation calendar. Most users like to see as much detail as possible; others like to keep it simple.

Reservation Grid

Organize your week in just a few minutes

The reservation grid displays at-a-glance who is coming for the next 30 days or more. This makes taking phone reservations a breeze.

Need to change a reservation room or date—simply drag and drop your existing reservation to where it needs to go.

When need be, scheduling a complex reservation is not only possible, but simple too.

What's unique about ResNexus?
ResNexus shows in real-time exactly which units and nights potential guests are trying to book from your online reservation system.

Confirmation Emails

Save Time with Built-in Confirmation Emails

The days of having to manually create confirmation emails for each reservation are over.

With phone reservations, send a confirmation email within seconds of recording the reservation. Send updated confirmation emails as you take deposits or if they make changes to their reservation.

What's unique about ResNexus?
You can create confirmation email templates for each type of circumstance; from late night arrivals, or when you can't be present to greet them at the door.

Multi-Property Support

Do you Manage More than One Vacation Rental?

If you manage more than one vacation rental you can have multiple ResNexus accounts and switch between them seamlessly. This makes managing multiple properties a breeze.

Each property can have it's own tax rates, policies, etc. So, if you ever sell, the new owner can take it over hassle-free.

What's unique about ResNexus?
You can create user accounts that have access to some properties, but not others. You are in full control.

Anywhere. Any Device.


Rarely on property? No problem. Use ResNexus from anywhere on any device.

ResNexus is Shockingly Simple to Use

Whether you are a software pro or technically challenged, ResNexus is built for you. Designed with you in mind to work fast on PCs, Macs, tablets and smart-phones.


ResNexus is intuitive and easy-to-use and we have a vast video library to help.

We do it for you

Sit back, relax and watch the reservations pour in, we'll handle the setup for you.

Large Breathtaking Photos

Large room pictures highlight your rental and entice guests to stay with you.

60-day money back guarantee

We are so confident you are going to love ResNexus we invite you try it risk-free for 60 days.

Better Property Management Software means more Time & Freedom

Sometimes it may feel like your business runs you. ResNexus empowers you with more hours in the day by streamlining operations. Giving you the time freedom to do more of the things you love.

Automatic Welcome and Thank You Emails

Automatic Welcome & Thank You Emails

Guests love getting an automatic welcome email with details of their stay as well as directions on how to get to your vacation rental. Automatically thank them for staying and invite them to stay again.

Even More from ResNexus for Your Business

Upgrade to ResNexus and experience a more powerful business. Customize ResNexus to your unique needs and enjoy unmatched success.

Yield Management

Automatically adjust your rates to charge more when your occupancy is high and less when your occupancy is lower.

Sliding Rates

Encourage guests to stay longer by offering a lower nightly rate for each additional night they add to their reservation.

Specials & Packages

Make it easy and convenient for your guests to enhance their getaway by offering specials and packages unique to your inn and your area.

Group Reservations

ResNexus supports group reservations, from weddings and conferences, to any gathering. Reservations can be paid collectively or individually.

Credit Card Processing

Use your current credit card processor to charge credit cards through ResNexus. It's lightning fast. ResNexus supports card readers.

Automated email Marketing

Market your business to past guests via newsletters and promotions. Offer incentives to fill space during slower times of the year. Write newsletters to keep your Inn top-of-mind.

Social Media Integration

Recommendations from friends are a big deal and asking valued clients to follow you socially is important. ResNexus takes the hassle out of social media.

Customizable to Your Brand

It's easy to customize ResNexus. Whether it's branding and matching your website, or selecting your mode of operation, ResNexus easily adapts to your business.

Google Analytics

ResNexus has built-in support for Google Analytics. See who is booking and what websites they used to find you. See how long they stay on your website and booking engine.

TripAdvisor's TripConnect

Seamlessly share your availability and rates with TripAdvisor via ResNexus.

Marketing Channels

Promote your business on travel and business websites like Expedia,, Travelocity, etc. Promote to thousands of travel agents worldwide.

QuickBooks Export

Export revenue and payment information from ResNexus to QuickBooks.® This makes doing your books a breeze. It saves time and reduces errors.

Try ResNexus Risk-Free for 60 days.