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Phone Reservations

Taking phone reservations is not only extremely easy; it's fast and a huge time saver. In addition, there is no chance of double bookings. As soon as you take a phone reservation, the room(s) is no longer available online from your website. A single phone reservation with Reservation Nexus takes only minutes from start to finish.

The following 10 minute video helps you learn how to take a phone reservation within Reservation Nexus.

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David Mayfield

David Mayfield is an experienced Red Carpet Professional who personally works with over 200 Reservation Nexus innkeepers. With his winning attitude and 12 years in sales and customer service in the fitness industry, David constantly brings new innovations to the table. His uncompromising dedication to Reservation Nexus and innkeepers alike makes him an impeccable Red Carpet Professional. When he is not at work, David can be found out and about with his wife and four year old son.