ResNexus Vs innRoad

The Key Differences Between ResNexus and innRoad

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Do you want your guest to see you as professional and creative?

Free Seamless Website

ResNexus provides your business with a free responsive website for a year. After that it is only $25 per month. It’s never been easier to tell your story. The best part is that your ResNexus Website automatically updates your rates, policies and more—saving you time and money.

See our templates.

inn Road does not offer website services

Automatic Marketing Emails—The Complete Package

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Not only does ResNexus have the best looking Welcome and Thank you emails, we take your business further with Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday emails and Newsletters. The best part—we set them all up for you as part of our Red Carpet Service.

Promotional Side Bars

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With ResNexus, potential guests can see your top retail offers and specials right from the start. All your retail items are shown once the guest selects a room—something that our competitors copied from us.

Online Travel Agency Integration

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ResNexus can connect to a wide variety of marketing channels including, Expedia and TripAdvisor. Our marketing channel commission rate is 1% which goes even lower based on volume.

innRoad Has Basic Marketing Tools

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innRoad does offer automatic confirmation and follow-up emails.

No Sidebars

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innRoad doesn’t have retail sidebars. They do have retail items and specials.

innRoad Offers a wide variety of direct Connects

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innRoad has direct connects to, Expedia, and TripAdvisor,, kayak, Amadeus, agoda, travelport, and sabre. innRoad charges a $4 commission per reservation on all marketing channel reservations.

Online Guest Experience

Which one would you rather your guests see?

Bigger Room Pictures

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When it comes to shopping online, bigger is better. ResNexus showcases your rooms beautifully with pictures 236% larger than innRoad.

Easy & Intuitive Shopping

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Right from the start your guest can see what they what to see—your rooms! If there is no vacancy then the guest can quickly select the 3-month calendar and see when the room is available.

ResNexus Shows Your Policies Upfont

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ResNexus protects your property and helps set clear guest expectations by clearly displaying your policies before payment is required. In addition, you can highlight important information such as arrival and departure times, children and pet rules and more.

ResNexus Remembers Your Guest's Cart

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If your guest accidently closes the browser window or gets interrupted—no problem—ResNexus remembers their room or unit selection when they start shopping again.

Seamless Transition From Your Website

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The ResNexus booking engine is fully customizable. That means when potential guests go to reserve a room they don’t feel like they are being sent to a different looking website.

Small Room Pictures

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innRoad pictures are over 4x smaller than ResNexus. Don’t make your guests have to squint or click to see what you have to offer.

Hides Inventory

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Like ResNexus, innRoad does display your inventory from the start. However, innRoad hides all your inventory once your guest selects dates during your busy season. Because innRoad doesn’t display “no vacancy” on their calendar your guest is left guessing when they can book with you.

innRoad Hides Your Policies

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Unlike ResNexus, innRoad doesn’t show your policies before payment is collected. In addition, often the policies requires the guest to click a button to see them.

innRoad Makes Your Guest Start All Over

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Unlike ResNexus, innRoad does not retain your guests' shopping cart and instead makes them start over again.

Limited Customization

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innRoad allows you to change very little of their booking engine. This can result in your guest wondering if they have left your website.


Red Carpet Service—We’re here for you.

The staff, software, and services ResNexus has provided is more than we ever expected. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff . . . a pleasure with which to work. Highly recommend the company and their services!!

Wallace & Nancy Braud

wallace & nancy braud

St Francis Cottage

Free Setup

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We’re more than a software company. That’s why ResNexus Essentials and Professional Edition includes free setup and support.

No Charge to connect to your Credit Card Processor

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ResNexus lets you connect to your credit card processor hassle free and without a monthly fee.

5-Star Support

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Our highly trained staff is ready to answer your call–quickly. ResNexus has some of the highest customer service satisfaction in the Bed & Breakfast industry. We also support chat and respond to Facebook messages. To see for yourself, check us out on Capterra and Software Advice.

ResNexus Has Transparent Pricing

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At ResNexus, we’re upfront and clearly show what our software costs on our website. We offer three editions of our software to suit your individual business needs.

Strings Attached

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innRoad has a $500 setup fee. However they will waive part of the setup fee if you attend all your trainings and go through a demonstration.

innRoad Charges a Monthly Fee to connect to Your Credit Card Processor

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innRoad can connect to any credit card processor but charges your business $25 per month to do so. In addition, they charge a $0.10 per transaction processing fee as well.

innRoad Though Highly Rated has Less Support Options

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innRoad also has great support and is highly rated. However, their after hours support staff is from India and they do not offer support via chat or facebook. You can also see them on Capterra and Software Advice.

innRoad Hides their Pricing

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Capterra has innRoad's price starting at $200 per month. However, to get the real price your must call in and get a quote.

data protection

ResNexus is More Secure

Our system meets a specific standard of security set by multiple credit card companies called PCI. Because our system includes security features that require password updates, and deletes credit card information automatically, our customers guests are more safe. Not only that, we pay a company to come audit our system and our company to make sure we meets these high standards. They give us a certificate to prove it! We’ve been in this industry for 13 plus strong years, and your security matters to us.

Click here to see the PCI certificate

PCI Compliant via 3rd party audit
ResNexus PCI certificate
innRoad Stores Credit Cards Indefinitely
innRoad itself is not PCI compliant but uses a 3rd party company to securely transmit credit card data.
innRoad does not remove credit card data from their system; this allows staff members to have access to hundreds if not thousands of credit card numbers stored in the innRoad system. Companies that take years to delete credit card data are not truly PCI compliant.

Management Tools

How valuable is your time and energy?

Easily Edit Rates

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ResNexus makes it easy to make changes to a reservation. You simply drag and drop the reservation to where you want it to go. You can choose to keep the existing rates or update them based on your preferences. ResNexus also makes it easy to add an additional guest (group bookings) to an existing reservation.

ResNexus has Automatic Yield Management

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Outperform the competition by using automatic yield management and sliding rates. The yield management feature in ResNexus is totally customizable. You choose the occupancy limits, the dates and the rooms, and ResNexus automatically increases or decreases the price.

Quickbooks Integration

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You can easily export your revenue and payment information from ResNexus to Quickbooks. We are working hard at making it even easier.

Banned Guest Feature

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ResNexus helps prevent a bad experience from happening again by allowing you to ban a guest. Whether they book online or call in to your business, ResNexus reminds you that the guest is on your naughty list.

Point of Sale

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The ResNexus Professional Edition comes with a point of sale which makes selling retail items on-site a breeze.

Complicated Steps to Edit a Reservation

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Like ResNexus innRoad does let you drag and drop a reservation. However, innRoad requires multiple steps to edit your rates.

innRoad does not have Yield Management

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With innRoad, your pricing structure is static, which means you might be priced too low during your peak season.

No Quickbooks Intergration

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innRoad does not support exporting to Quickbooks.

No Banned Guest Feature

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innRoad does not allow you to ban a guest.

No On-Site Point of Sale

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Like ResNexus, innRoad does allow you to sell retail items online, however only ResNexus gives you an On-site Point of Sale with inventory limits.

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