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Destination Nexus reveals that more bed and breakfasts use Reservation Nexus for online bookings than RezOvation, Super Inn, RezStream and Webervations 2.0.

With over 22,629 bed and breakfasts and lodging on Destination Nexus, Destination Nexus from time to time tracks which online bookings systems are used. It looks at the homepage only.

This report shows the findings for all the major all-in-one systems (the future of this industry) that provide online bookings, guest management and seamless automated marketing all within the same product:

Reservation Nexus: 1198
RezOvation: 275
SuperInn: 270
RezStream: 77
Webervations 2.0: 27
Last Updated: May 8, 2011

Findings: Reservation Nexus is the most popular and most used all-in-one reservation system within the innkeeping and privately owned lodging market according to Destination Nexus data.


Disclaimer: Inns all the time switch systems or start offering online availability for the first time. Because all inns can claim their inn free of charge on Destination Nexus, inns are in control of updating their availability link within Destination Nexus. Destination Nexus isn't responsible for any errors accidentally made by innkeepers or from outdated information. However, please bring to our attention any availability link errors or missing links within Destination Nexus so they can be corrected. Send corrections to info at

Many reservation software providers think that if an inn uses their guest management software, that inn must also be using their online booking system. This is very often not the case, especially if the inn is left to do the process alone. Due to this fact this report goes off the data found within Destination Nexus and not what could be provided by the various software companies. We feel that Destination Nexus is the most accurate source for such a report since it is the largest listing of its kind and that the data gathering was done in a fair and impartial manner.

If one of the listed providers feels this report is inaccurate with regards to their clientele, please have your clients claim their inn on Destination Nexus and update their availability link. This report will be updated from time to time.