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Reservation Nexus has elected at this time not to integrate with SynXis

March 2, 2010 -- Select Registry has chosen SynXis to provide GDS services for their association. Select Registry and its members have asked Reservation Nexus to integrate with SynXis. At this time Reservation Nexus will not be integrating with SynXis for the following reasons:

  1. InnLink is the logical and best solution for all parties involved

    Reservation Nexus, RezOvation, Webervations and RezStream (which make up over half of the reservation bed and breakfast/innkeeper software market) have all invested significant time, resources and money into integrating with InnLink. InnLink offers the same level of GDS and CRS services as SynXis. If Select Registry were to go with InnLink, their members would have almost instant integration.

  2. SynXis doesn't presently support some of the innovations InnLink is working on for Reservation Nexus' True Seamless GDS TM

    Reservation Nexus is the innovation leader within the bed and breakfast software industry and is working towards being the first reservation system to offer true True Seamless GDS TM. That means that all updates made within Reservation Nexus will seamlessly be published to the GDS networks for that inn or hotel. Seamless integration includes room availability, rates, minimum nights, inn pictures, room descriptions and room photos. Read here for more info on True Seamless GDS TM.

    In 2009 Reservation Nexus selected InnLink primarily because of their willingness to move their industry forward by making improvements to their services so that true True Seamless GDS TM will be possible to Reservation Nexus, its clients and to the lodging industry as a whole. We also felt they had a similar Red Carpet Service mentality.

    All indications we have received from both SynXis and Select Registry indicate that full seamless integration is not on SynXis' roadmap and that would be a huge downgrade to Reservation Nexus clients.

  3. Integration stalls upcoming Reservation Nexus innovations

    Integration with SynXis means pausing current and upcoming projects that introduce new innovations to the lodging industry to support a GDS system that doesn't fit our innovation model.

  4. The GDS fees are comparable between Reservation Nexus and Synxis

    Reservation Nexus' GDS fees are comparable to those offered by SynXis to Select Registry members. Click here for Reservation Nexus GDS pricing.

  5. Destination Nexus is going to change the bed and breakfast industry

    With the introduction of Destination Nexus and its various stages (some public and some confidential), many of the goals and features Select Registry is hoping to offer will be offered by Destination Nexus and Reservation Nexus innovations and technologies. In the last five years, our fresh approach has elevated the lodging industry and with innovations like Destination Nexus we will continue to do so. Bottom line, we feel we have answers and solutions to some of the problems facing associations as a whole, especially Select Registry and PAII. More details forthcoming.

  6. Select Registry has a history of promoting one reservation provider over another

    While we understand Select Registry's desire to unify their members onto one reservation system (in the past with Webervations and now with SynXis), this creates unwanted and unintentional friction between Select Registry and the major reservation systems within the bed and breakfast market.

    SynXis is a major player within the large hotel market but they are not a major player within the bed and breakfast/innkeeper industry. While we do not propose special Reservation Nexus treatment (actually using InnLink levels the playing field) it's disconcerting that one of the non-factors within this industry was elected by Select Registry to service their members.

    Using today's data from Destination Nexus, of the 12,746 inns, bed and breakfasts, lodges and hotels listed, here are the online booking engine leaders within the bed and breakfast industry:

    Online Booking Engine Clients Online
    Webervations: 2037
    Reservation Nexus: 931
    RezOvation: 361
    Availability Online: 263
    SuperInn: 250
    RezStream: 49
    SynXis: 41

    This is not a complete list of all online booking vendors. 4,978 online booking links were found. 39% of the market use some form of online booking engine.

    While these numbers are subject to change as well as subject to inaccuracies (sometimes it's near impossible to find online reservation links on some websites, some inns use redirected links, etc.) this gives us a basic understanding with regards to market share. While many inns only use property management software and don't offer online reservations from their website, it's important to look at inns that do because online bookings are here to stay.

Our recommendation to Select Registry:

We'd love for you to take a look at using InnLink. Investigate that opportunity. It levels the playing field and shows no preference. It allows members to stay with and have the freedom to choose the reservation software vendor they prefer. With InnLink as an opinion, most Select Registry members would experience immediate and guaranteed GDS integration. The time and integration costs to any property management provider are significant and should not be overlooked. SynXis also isn't interested in offering features required for Reservation Nexus' True Seamless GDS TM.

To Select Registry Members:

When interviewed about this press release, the President of Reservation Nexus, James Mayfield, made the following statement:

"First of all, we have great respect for Select Registry and its members. However, the Select Registry deal with SynXis, in our opinion, is going to be a big headache for Select Registry members for years to come. No major system in this niche supports it and if they do, it will take time to do the work.

InnLink really would have been and is the best solution for all parties involved. They are great to work with and are used by most of the guest management systems you use on a daily basis. We feel our recommendation to use InnLink is fair and valid.

We hope you understand that we did take significant time and consideration with regards to the SynXis integration dilemma. We hope that our reasoning makes sense to you.

Bottom line, with regards to SynXis and Reservation Nexus, the math and benefits don't add up. The features just aren't there and at this time it does not fit our innovation model to integrate with SynXis.

We hope that you understand."