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See for yourself how ResNexus has elevated other businesses

    “Our new owners introduced us to the Resnexus system, and I can't figure out what to do with all of my free time now...the system is detailed, accurate, user-friendly, and since it is web-based, can be used from any location that can access the web! There are a few things that indicate the system was originally designed for B&B's, but I certainly appreciate the attention given to bringing RV parks online and addressing their specific needs. I look forward to Resnexus' improving the system even more!”


    Redwood Meadows RV Resort

    “I have been using Resnexus for three years now and have found the tool to be very easy to use. When I had an issue with changing tax rates and my pricing for the new year I was able to chat and get a call back to work through a couple of things that didn't register. It was all user error but the support I have received from Resnexus has been outstanding!”


    Sunny Acres Bed & Breakfast

    “I was very intimidated to go to online booking -- I'm older, and don't understand computers! I've been in business for nearly 30 years. But the staff set everything up for me and explained it well enough that even this "old lady" could understand. Now I can't believe I ever did bookings without it. ResNexus has been a wonderful tool for my business and I'm so glad I went with them for my online bookings.”


    Chambers House Bed and Breakfast

    “I have found ResNexus to be easy and convenient. It is nice to see all the rooms on a grid, and there are multiple ways to view reservations to find the information you need easily. I am new to using the program and picked it up within a few days.”


    RedTail Mountain Properties

    “I always have support for my questions whenever I ask, with Resnexus. It is the only booking software I have used, but I have compared it extensively on all levels with other booking software. I have not only had a great experience overall with Resnexus but whoever, I ask about it always recommends it highly. It is the main tool that I use every single day for the bed and breakfast I run, and has allowed and helped us to grow seamlessly over the years.”


    Talus Rock Retreat

    “Having taken over an existing rental cabin operation, stepping right in and starting to use Resnexus was a pretty straightforward process with really helpful customer support and a human being to talk to when I've got questions. I keep finding new tools and features to customize our business which are always nice surprises.”


    Cabins at Red Rock

    “ResNexus has been my lifeline since I started my business 7 years ago. Easy to use and dependable, I could not do without them. Customer service is good and they are always coming out with new features to support my business.”


    The House on the Hill Bed and Breakfast

    “We started with ResNexus about 5 years ago. The system had so many more possibilities than what we expected. The more we used the system, the more familiar and easier it became. ResNexus is also constantly adapting and changing things to keep up with the times, which really helps.”


    Harbourview Inn

    “I love that while on the phone I can write personal notes and reminders about that customer's needs. Also, we have different price tiers for our venue reservations & we are able to use this software for that functionality and input correct data and instantly send a confirmation via email to the customer.”


    Life's Finer Moments

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