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All-in-One Bed and Breakfast and Hotel Software

No matter your style or size (bed and breakfast, inn, hotel, motel, lodge, etc.), Reservation Nexus is the hotel software for your business. In a software niche of copycats and techies, we have taken a fresh approach to not only online reservations but to guest management.

With a philosophy of "if you make it easy-to-use", guests make more reservations and innkeepers are not intimidated or confused by our guest management system. Experience capturing more reservations from your website. Enjoy running your inn with ease.

This is not to say that you must sacrifice power and ability for usability. Reservation Nexus has it all.

With Reservation Nexus:
  • You will make more money as you capture more reservations from your website.
  • Quicker check-ins and check-outs with instant credit card charging.
  • Enjoy more time and freedom since 20 to 50% of your guests will book online.
  • Your inn will be easier to sell. Potential buyers love that you are organized and use a system they can easily take over.
  • If your computer dies, your information is safe.
  • You will have access to everything you need to run your inn from anywhere in the world.
  • There are no hidden fees or commissions, just a low monthly or yearly subscription.
  • Upgrades and our Red Carpet Support are included in your subscription at no additional cost.

Online Reservations From Your Website

Online real-time reservations from your website

Reservation Nexus has a very clean approach to online reservations. Guests immediately see your rooms and rates and can easily view any stay date(s) without starting over. After selecting the nights of their stay as well as the rooms, they agree to your policies. The final step is for them to enter their guest and credit card information. Both you and the guest receive confirmation emails. Guests love having a confirmation in hand and knowing that everything is squared away for their stay.

If you think that an email request will cut it, you are missing out on so much business you would kick yourself for waiting. Just like a few years back when experts told innkeepers about the importance of having a website, they are now talking about how inns need an online reservation system.

For those that use other systems like Webervations, ReZovation, GuestTracker, RezStream or SuperInn, hundreds of inns have made the switch to Reservation Nexus. More reservations... period. Easier-to-use... period. More time saved... period.

Easy-To-Use Seamless Guest Management

Seamless easiest-to-use guest management system

Reservation Nexus is an all-in-one seamless guest management system. What does seamless mean? Whenever you record a phone reservation, it's instantly unavailable online and vice versa. There is no chance of double bookings. Since Reservation Nexus is 100% web based, you have access to reservations, guest information and reports any place you have the Internet. Other outdated solutions require you to install their program on whatever computer you use or install it on a laptop if you are going to travel. There are no additional fees for using Reservation Nexus on as many front desk computers are you need, unlike the competition.

Enjoy more time and freedom by using the easiest-to-use guest management system on the market. Innkeepers coming over from other systems comment on just how easy Reservation Nexus is to use. You even receive free one-on-one training by a Red Carpet Professional. Other systems on the market are written by computer programmers for computer programmers.

Run your inn with ease, don't let it run you.

Guest summary

Powerful Reports


Reservation Nexus has nearly 50 powerful reports to help you steer and direct your inn with success. From taxes to revenue to occupancy, you will have a clear picture of how your inn is performing.

Integrated Credit Card Charges

Instantly charge cards when guests book online or by phone. It's quick, easy and a huge time saver. You can configure how much you want to automatically collect (dollar amount or percentage) when a reservation is made.

Reservation Nexus uses as a payment gateway because almost every processor integrates with them.

We are a reseller of and for our time and effort our rates are:

$149 setup fee
$15 monthly fee
$.10 per transaction
$.10 batch fee

Group Reservations

If you handle weddings, corporate events or other group events, you can easily add and assign additional guests to each room, package and retail item. Separate bills can be created or one party can pay the entire bill.

Group Reservations

Reservation Sources

Track where your reservations come from. If you use pay-per-clicks, you are able to enter tracking scripts from Google and Yahoo to track your sales.

Reservation Sources

At-a-glance Calendar


Our at-a-glance calendar provides a detailed view of your reservations. It makes it easier to see multiple night stays, which reservations are group reservations and when guests are transferring rooms. Your current reminders as well as upcoming retail reminders are displayed at the top for easy viewing.