Reservation Nexus
Training Manual

This Reservation Nexus training manual will help you perform your daily tasks and duties such as taking phone reservations, checking in/checking out guests and recording payments. One of the bonus benefits of choosing Reservation Nexus is before being trained, your Red Carpet Professional has already performed the majority of your inn's setup within Reservation Nexus. So all that remains is for you to learn how to use the Reservation Nexus guest management system. To learn how to make changes to your settings, visit our FAQ support section.

Logging Into Reservation Nexus

  1. Visit Click on "Login".
  2. Enter your inn's website. Click next.
  3. Enter your email address and password.

If you don't know your email address, talk to your general manager or call your Red Carpet Professional. If you have forgotten your password, use "Forgot Password".

Reservation Grid

Once you log in, you will see your reservation grid. Reservations in blue were booked online and reservations in green were booked by phone. If there is a minimum night requirement, the number of minimum nights will be in red above and below the day. Is the above example, October 7 - 9 has a 2 night minimum.

Phone Reservations: Using Book, Quote or Comp

Taking phone reservations is not only extremely easy, it's fast and a huge time saver. In addition, there is no chance of double bookings. As soon as you take a phone reservation, the room(s) are no longer available online from your website.

  1. Make sure that you are on the reservations grid that you started on when you logged in. If not, click on Reservations -> Rooms which is found on the top left side of the guest management screen.
  2. Check the boxes that correspond to the day(s) and room(s) the guest would like to stay. In the example below the guest wants to stay in the Mountain Express on October 3rd and 4th.

    The guest wants to stay in the Mountain Express on October 3rd and 4th
  3. Choose Book, Quote or Comp from the button bar above the reservation grid. "Book" books the room(s). "Comp" will comp the room(s). "Quote" will give you the reservation total and tax breakdown without booking the room(s) until the guest is ready. We will talk about "Block", "Repair", "Call" in a later section.

    Book, Block, Quote, Repair, Call, Comp
  4. Enter the guest information. If it is a return guest, use the "Guest Lookup" button to find them. Make sure to enter as much information as possible for future marketing and retention efforts. First name, last name and phone number are required. It is always a good idea to use upper and lower case letters as well as ask for their birthday and anniversary. Click "Next".

    Guest Information
  5. It's always good practice to get a credit card on file in case of a no-show or if they damage a room. Click the "Add Card" and add the credit card.

    Payment & Card On File
  6. If the guest desires to purchase retail items or they qualify for a discount, use the appropriate tab found on the right hand side of the reservation.
  7. The last step is to send them a confirmation email. Click on the "Confirmation" tab and click "Send". You will receive a condensed confirmation email as well.

    Send the guest a confirmation email

Blocking Rooms: Blocks, Repairs & Call Us

It's easy to block rooms, indicate a room is closed for repairs or even mark rooms so that guests have to call in to reserve them. The "Call" feature allows ultimate flexibility for special occasions or events.

  1. Check the boxes that correspond to the day(s) and room(s) you wish to block.

    Blocking out rooms on November 5th in two rooms.
  2. Choose Block, Repair or Call.

    Book, Block, Quote, Repair, Call, Comp

    The end result is:

    Blocke out rooms on November 5th in two rooms.

The room(s) are no longer available online. At a later time you can convert the block or call icon in the grid into a reservation. Simply click on the blocked orange icon and use "Convert To Reservation" button.

Looking Up A Reservation

  1. Click on Reservations -> Search in the top left of Reservation Nexus. The latest reservations are already displayed.

    Search Reservations
  2. Enter their name, phone number or reservation number. Click "Search".
  3. Click on the reservation number.

Recording A Payment / Charging A Credit Card

I doesn't matter if you charge at check-in or check-out or require a deposit, recording a payment is easy. If you subscribe to Auto Pilot, Reservation Nexus can instantly charge a credit card using and your existing credit card processor.

  1. Look up the reservation using "Search" or find it on the reservation grid.
  2. Click on the "Payment" tab found on the right.

    If you have Auto Pilot and require a deposit, an "Auto Collect" button will appear in front of "Add Payment". Clicking "Auto Collect" charges the newest card on file for the correct deposit amount. You are done until the final payment is due in which you would follow all the steps of recording a payment.

    Payment & Card On File
  3. Add the credit card if need be. You can have multiple cards on file.
  4. Click "Add Payment".
  5. Select how they are going to pay: credit card, check, cash or gift certificate. If it is a deposit, make sure you check "This is a deposit". Adjust the amount or payment date as needed. Click "Add".

    If you have Auto Pilot, there is a checkbox near the "Add" button labeled "Charge the card" for charging the credit card.

    Adding a payment

Removing A Payment

  1. Look up the reservation using "Search" or find it on the reservation grid.
  2. Click on the "Payment" tab found on the right.

    Remove a payment

  3. Check the item to be removed and click "Remove Payment". An alternative method would be to add a negative amount in addition to keeping the original payment.

    If you have Auto Pilot and charged the credit card, a refund is recorded in the payment history. After 24-hours of charging a card, you can do a full or partial refund. Before your batch closes out for the day, however, a refund voids the entire payment amount since the transaction has not been started as far as transferring money.

Changing A Reservation

You can easily and quickly extend or reduce a guest's stay or switch which rooms they will stay in. If they are changing rooms, it is best to first add the new room(s) and then remove the old.

  1. Look up the reservation using "Search" or find it on the reservation grid.
  2. Click on "Rooms/Nights" found on right and then "Add Room".

  3. Change the calendar to the correct date if need be. If staying multiple nights, adjust "Nights". Check the box on the left of the new room. If you need to adjust the price you can use "Special Rate". Click "Save".

    Changing A Reservation

Cancelling A Reservation

  1. Look up the reservation using "Search" or find it on the reservation grid.
  2. Click on "Cancel" from the list found on the right. Check "Cancel this reservation", enter the reason for the cancellation and enter your initials. After clicking "Save" all rooms are removed. If you need to add a cancellation fee, use "Retail" to do so. If there is no cancellation fee item, please call your Red Carpet Professional. After you click "Save" you can email the customer a cancellation email if need be.

    Cancel A Reservation

Front Desk: Arrivals, Departures and Stay-Overs

  1. Click Reservations -> Front Desk found at the top left.
  2. It's easy to view who is arriving, departing and staying over each day. As guests arrive, check them in by clicking on their reservation number. You can also collect a payment using "Pay Now". Easily see if they have ordered special items that should be in their room before they arrive. Record reservation notes as well as guest preferences.

Front Desk - Arrivals, Departures, Stay Overs